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The top 3% of Global Tech Talent wants to work for you FREE OF CHARGE. We pay ourselves from the additional profit we create for you. Your success is our success!

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About Us

Pay us only for value created

We believe in creating value for our clients, therefore we do not accept or require any payment until profit-making solutions are delivered.

Our team of professionals work with you to increase business revenue while reducing cost and wastage, through highly innovative and purely digital solutions.

We pay ourselves a small percentage of the additional profit gained from our solutions. This way, our partnership is structured to guarantee that your success is our success.


We already completed 5 projects successfully and more counting.

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What kind of challenges?

While every organization has unique challenges,below is the scope of challenges we accept

  • Payment processing
  • Manual Process Automation
  • Data Analysis & Reporting
  • Data organization
  • Digital Marketing
  • Bulk Communication Tools
  • Cyber security vulnerabilities
  • Most likely, your issue can be captured in one of the above, or a mixture. Share your challenge and lets see where you fall.

How To Get Started


Tell us your problem

To get started, simply register on our website and share the general challenge your business is facing. You can hide company name at this stage, but be clear about the problem for better consideration.


Let us think about it

Our team of consultants will review your request, and advise if we can move forward to next stage. Incase we have questions at this stage we shall reach out to you. Please note, not all requests are accepted.


Here's what we propose

If your challenge is accepted by the consulting team, you shall be invited for a consultative discussion to scope the problem further. During this phase the consultants shall present a proposed solution for review.


Lets sign off on performance metrics

If you accept our proposed solution, we shall develop metrics on how to measure performance of the solution. This forms the basis of the contract and payment.


Lets solve the problem

We can now roll up our sleeves and implement the proposed solution. We will establish a Monitoring portal which will be available to you throughout the period of the solution. This will help us keep track of the performance metrics.


Monitoring & Evaluation

Now that the solution is up, we shall monitor closely over time to ensure it is living up to its billing. If the performance metrics are being achieved, we shall invoice you as per contract.

Our Core Solutions.

Process automation

We automate routine tasks to save time and let you focus on your core business.

Digital Platforms

We build mobile apps, web applications and other digital tools for efficiency.

Cyber Security

We identify vulnerabilities in systems and recommend mitigation solutions.

Ecommerce Strategy

We facilitate businesses to start selling products online.

Data Driven marketing

Using data from your industry, we guarantee successful digital campaigns

Data Analytics

Get meaningful insights from your exisiting data for decision making.

Questions & Answers

To qualify, your business challenge be clearly defined problem and the possible solutions must be measurable.

Generally, we take between 1% to 9% of profit for the period the solution is in effect. This varies depending on negotiations and consideration of costs & level of effort involved.

We use digital tools to keep track of the solution performance. For example in an Ecommerce solution, we use google analytics goals to accurately track the success factors(clicks, sales, registrations etc), this is available to both us and the client.